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We help you find the right sports for your children

One on One

Coaching Opportunities

Coaching pertaining to your child’s youth sports journey will be solely conducted with founder Betsy Maxfield. Whether you choose to start with a free consultation or jump straight into six sessions, you will be asked to complete a short questionnaire.

The questionnaire provides some background to Betsy and ensures a more productive and beneficial conversation to both parties.


Available Plans

Take Questionnaire 

Each session will follow the same format
The first portion will be dedicated to exploration and detection so I can understand the “lay of the land.” Then we will move into follow-ups and updates from the previous call, if applicable. After that, we will address the ideal outcome and finally how to achieve that outcome with a plan of action.

 Custom Plan | We are always happy to design a plan to fit your exact needs. One size does not fit all, so reach out and connect with us.

1 | 30-min Private Coaching Session $60

3 | 30-min Private Coaching Session $165

6 | 30-min Private Coaching Session $320

15 MIn discovery call

Free consulatation

We will discuss the current challenges you are experiencing and decide the next steps to overcoming your obstacles in a practical way.


Digital Education

On-demand and LIVE

Our digital classes will be rolling out shortly.  These will consist of informative overviews of some of the most “talked about” topics and commonly asked questions.  I will also be including our field experts in my digital classes. (I am so excited for you all to meet them!!) A few examples:


Prepping you & your child for competitive try-outs


Sports Nutrition: How to fuel both Pre/Post-training? 


Explaining the “Mental” side of the game. 

If you have an idea or specific topic for a digital class, drop us a line:

From my clients


From my clients


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